Refinished Kitchen Cabinets – Before, During & After

This is a recently completed kitchen that went from a dark cherry to a light cream!  The color is a McCormick Paints color called Kiara (0005).


At the start of the project on Day 1, we do prep work such as cleaning cabinet surfaces, taking the cabinet doors and drawer fronts off, taping off the walls, and covering the interior of your cabinets with brown craft paper to help avoid dust getting into your cupboards. The next step (sanding) is a dusty process!


The fronts and sides of all upper and lower cabinets are carefully sanded and wiped down to reduce the amount of overall dust. This may take more than one day depending on the size of your kitchen.  The next day the cabinet bases are primed. Two more days are scheduled in order to apply the first and second coats of your chosen color.  Meanwhile back in the shop, we are working on the cabinet doors and drawers.

Cabinet doors are cleaned, de-glossed, sanded, cleaned again, and primed before being painted with two coats of color.  Keep in mind we are sanding and cleaning between each layer!

Keep in mind that the weather does affect the time it takes for the cabinets to cure, and they should sit untouched for at least 48 hours before we move them back to your house. This helps reduce the possibility of small knicks in the finish.


At last!  Your door fronts and drawers are re-installed and any needed touch ups are made.  It may take a full 30-days for your cabinets to fully cure and harden, so being extra-gentle with them the first month is recommended.  Now it’s time to enjoy your new kitchen!

Cleaning your new cabinets is easy with a gentle dishsoap and water on a soft cloth.  Harsh chemical cleaners are not recommended as they may harm the finish.