Understanding Your Style

Aiming for Success

The first step in a project is to really understand your style and what you are envisioning.  Focused conversation, along with pictures, color swatches and other elements help us undertand what your decorating goals are, and your intention for the project.

Preparation & Planning

Let's Get Started

Once we have a chosen color and finish for your furniture or cabinet project, we can plan the project in terms of a start date and approximate length of time the project will take.  Keep in mind that the weather factors into this process! A rainy week means the cabinets will take longer to cure, and that will most likely add a few days to the project timeline. Overall, you can expect to be without your cabinet doors for up to two weeks, but we strive for the shortest time possible.

The Fun Stuff

Where the Magic Happens

All of the items done in our shop are sprayed using a professional sprayer for a factory look and feel. Nothing is ever brushed, so you will never see brush lines on your finished cabinets!

Every step of the process is done by hand for the most authentic look possible.

Fantastic Followup

Client Satisfaction

Our goal is to make sure you are delighted with your furniture or cabinet project.

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